Father’s Day 2016

“It’s not just mama bears who are fierce, devoted, and protective. It’s papa bears too.”

Watching my husband become a daddy has truly been one of the greatest joys for me. He is dedicated, loving, consistent, and present. He is the best daddy and I’m so glad our little girl has him. He has a crazy unpredictable schedule being a chef, but even with his long hours, he is still a very present dad. He wakes up with our daughter in the mornings before he gets ready for work. They have breakfast together. He reads her the news. He plays and sings her favorite song, “Baby Beluga”. I adore listening to their morning routine. Of course, it is also great because I get to stay in bed a little longer! He does it to have quality time with our daughter, and he does it for me because he knows that it’s not always rainbows and unicorns being an at home mom. Reyla’s mornings with her dad will be something she will always remember. Her and I get many special moments since I get to be home with her. Her daddy gets her mornings and I think it’s the sweetest thing ever.


Morning at the farmer’s market.


A gift from her daddy. :)


So much love!!



Grilled corn! She seems to be getting a little more adventurous with food.


Talking to her shadow!! I’ll never forget the first time she found her shadow. Her shadow has been her friend ever since and they have had many conversations. :)


It was very sad when she briefly left this spot, came back to the wrong spot and couldn’t find her shadow. :(


Our nature lover.

It was a good Father’s Day. :)





Pattern Template Plastic

One of my favorite things ever…..template plastic!! I don’t mean the small plastic sheets that are only big enough to trace one short sleeve, but LARGE template plastic. Large enough to trace not only an entire child’s size pattern, but more than one! My daughter is only 21 months old, so her clothing is still pretty small, but I could for sure use one for an adult sized pattern. The sheets are 24″ x 45″ and 2 millimeters thick. Nice, right?!


The patterns I know I will be making a lot of or want to be able to quickly sew on a whim , I trace onto template plastic. I use my rotary cutter around the plastic to cut the fabric. I do know that there are those that sew who are able to do the same with their paper patterns. I however, am not that skilled. I tried it and totally destroyed a paper pattern. Never again. (And those cans? Tuna cans. They make perfect weights. :) )


I will usually take a big sharpie along the edge to make it easier to see against lighter color fabrics.


I’m not very patient with some pattern curves, so I will sometimes very quickly trace curves with a pen and cut with scissors.


Tank tops , t-shirts, pants, shorts, pajamas are a few patterns I automatically transfer to template plastic.


My favorite pajamas, Alex & Anna PJs by Peek-A-Boo patterns, I have already transferred to template plastic up to size 5T! I love these PJ’s for my daughter. They are a really quick sew and with the plastic template, I can complete a pair from fabric cut to finish under 30 minutes!


I couldn’t resist sharing this sweet photo of my daughter with one of our pups. :) These pajamas are great for just lounging in too.


I bought the template plastic sheets from a group buy, here. The price per sheet varies depending how big the current order is. I happened to order mine when the order was at the highest number to get the best discount. I ordered 10 sheets and I have hardly made a dent in them.

A truth about sewing, the pattern cutting or tracing (if you trace your patterns to another paper), washing the fabric, ironing the fabric, cutting the fabric, etc., etc……all before even actually sewing can feel so tedious. I’m able to start sewing sooner with patterns that I transfer to template plastic. What tips do you have to get through the tedious work faster, so you can start sewing sooner?





Quick Sews and Fabric


A little something different than what I typically sew. I recently was selected to sew up these strike-off fabrics from Peek-A-Boo fabrics. This is my first time sewing with Peek-A-Boo fabrics and I can’t get over the quality! Seriously. The fabric is thick and super soft. The difference compared to the local big chain fabric store is….well, there’s just no comparison. I have only ordered  knit fabric online once before and I was very disappointed. It was very thin and the stretch was terrible. Although at the time, I didn’t truly understand the ‘weight’ of fabric. Now that I do and I have felt the difference, my fabric budget will need to be adjusted accordingly. ;)

This panel and coordinating fabric is part of Peek-A-Boo’s back to school line. Pre-order closes June 6th, so you may want to hop on over there and place your order before it’s all gone.

The tank pattern is by Brindle & Twig. It’s perfect for summer and is a very quick and easy sew.


This skirt pattern by Bella Sunshine Design is also a very quick and easy sew. I love it! I’m not really the twirling skirt/dress type of mom, but look at that twirl! It also has attachable shorts for underneath. I’ll for sure be making a bunch more of these skirts for summer.



Up next……one of my favorite things, large template plastic! :)

I’d Rather Sew than Buy

I might be obsessed with sewing. I’m not new to sewing, but this past year my sewing has certainly reached a new level. So much, I’d rather sew an outfit for my daughter than buy one. By no means do I plan on having a mom made only wardrobe for my daughter, but my trips to Target are greatly decreasing. The shorts below are one Target trip that didn’t happen. I planned on buying my daughter jean shorts to wear with this blouse I made for her. Instead, this happened. Mom made jean shorts. :)


I have been sewing off and on for 20 plus years. If I count home economics in high school, even longer. One of my favorite movies in high school was Pretty in Pink. Partially because of the whole opposite social class love struggle, but mostly because Andie upcycled her prom dress and it was fabulous! I wished to be that good.

I still have and use my first sewing machine I received when I was 20 years old. Many years ago I opened an online children’s clothing boutique. I quickly learned selling handmade clothing was not for me and closed my shop about 2 years later. The time and pressure selling handmade clothing took away the enjoyment. I’ll admit I’m very flattered when friends tell me I should sell what I sew, but I have no desire to do that again. Although, if I ever got offered a job making comic con costumes, I would totally take it. ;)

Here is our extraordinary girl wearing her mom made clothes. This makes me happy.


And then there’s those shoes! A $5 second hand store find. Second hand finds might be another obsession of mine.

The lovely top pattern is The Haven Acres Blouse by Jennuine Design.
The wonderful shorts pattern is Pixie Shorts by Big Little.

Cooking Birthday Party

My wonderful chef husband did a cooking class a few weeks ago for our friend’s daughter’s birthday. It was such a fun evening and I was a proud wife watching my husband teach these young girls how to cook. The birthday girl, future master chef, is truly a remarkable young girl. She was focused, inquisitive and eager to learn.

Grilled lime & cilantro chicken tacos
Black beans
Spanish rice

(I tested the recipe prior and will be posting it in another blog post.)

I put together a packet for each girl that included the menu, the lesson plan and a recipe card for each recipe.


The first thing they learned was how to properly hold and use a knife. (This of course after washing their hands.) Not only is it important to learn how to use a knife, but it’s just as important to have a sharp knife! A dull knife is a safety hazard in the kitchen. A dull knife will not smoothly cut through food making it harder to slice which could cause a sliced finger instead. And food just doesn’t look as pretty sliced with a dull knife.



Making a marinade for the chicken.




Learning about proper sanitation and handling raw meat.


It is always important to wash your hands and anything that comes in contact with raw meat, including the counter tops. A cutting board just for raw meats is also a good idea. I’m a little obsessive about sanitation and even put my dish sponge in the microwave for 2 minutes after washing anything that was used for raw meat.




Enjoying the meal they cooked! I’m a true believer that kids that are a part of the cooking process will have a greater appreciation for a variety of foods.


The meal was delicious!! And a dance party happened afterward. :)

And we bought the birthday girl a pasta machine! So….. a pasta party will be happening soon.

Rey was busy working on her engineering skills.