A snap shot of my life in words:
I have too many things I love to do and I’m convinced I can make anything instead of buy it. My plate is usually over flowing by my own doing. I’m terrible at prioritizing, because if something makes it to my ‘to do list’, well, than it’s a priority.

Raise of hands of who can relate??? Oh…I see you. Welcome. We are the same.

About me:
I’m an adoptive momma to one extraordinary little girl. She is our girl warrior and the light of our life. Our journey to becoming parents was not an easy road and we wouldn’t change anything about it. I owned a photography business for almost 10 years. My focus and priorities shifted when I became a mom, so I decided to close my business in 2016 to focus on other things. I’m married to a wonderful man (12 years) who is a chef, so has his own day to day creative chaos. We make a perfect team. Along with our human child, we have 2 dogs and a cat that we call family and are very deservingly spoiled.

The inspiration behind the blog name ‘Raising a Warror’:
When I became a mom to a baby girl, my ideas and thoughts on raising a child somehow became more specific. I started to notice things I hadn’t really taken a strong notice in prior. Things I think I noticed, but not in the same way. This came with just shopping for clothes. I became very aware of the clothing options for girls vs boys and vise versa. Whether some care or not care, there is no doubt gender specific marketing. I quickly noticed, having a daughter meant buying graphic t-shirts that were not at all a representation of how I viewed our little girl. I honestly found many shirts down right insulting. My solution was shopping in the boys department. This realization however, has really shaped our parenting. The books we buy, the movies we show, the variety of toys we offer to our daughter and most importantly, the conversations we have in our household. Raising a daughter when surrounded by marketing that tries to send a ‘less than’ message to girls prompted me to want to start a blog about how we are changing the message sent to our daughter. She is a warrior and can do and be anything!

But really, what is this blog about….
In short…raising our girl warrior, motherhood, my many creative sorts, homeschooling, my favorite must have products, everyday life, starting a business, and I’m sure many other blog worthy topics.

I read that a blog must have very specific content in order to have a decent following. Well, for me that would mean 10 different blogs. So, I’m taking a leap and going against the grain and will have a blog of just all things that encompasses my life. And maybe a little bit on how I attempt (and fail miserably) to balance it all. Don’t let my failure to balance it all however fool you. I love that my life gets a little chaotic with motherhood and creativity. I’m pretty sure I’d be bored with it any other way.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will return.