Father’s Day 2016

“It’s not just mama bears who are fierce, devoted, and protective. It’s papa bears too.”

Watching my husband become a daddy has truly been one of the greatest joys for me. He is dedicated, loving, consistent, and present. He is the best daddy and I’m so glad our little girl has him. He has a crazy unpredictable schedule being a chef, but even with his long hours, he is still a very present dad. He wakes up with our daughter in the mornings before he gets ready for work. They have breakfast together. He reads her the news. He plays and sings her favorite song, “Baby Beluga”. I adore listening to their morning routine. Of course, it is also great because I get to stay in bed a little longer! He does it to have quality time with our daughter, and he does it for me because he knows that it’s not always rainbows and unicorns being an at home mom. Reyla’s mornings with her dad will be something she will always remember. Her and I get many special moments since I get to be home with her. Her daddy gets her mornings and I think it’s the sweetest thing ever.


Morning at the farmer’s market.


A gift from her daddy. :)


So much love!!



Grilled corn! She seems to be getting a little more adventurous with food.


Talking to her shadow!! I’ll never forget the first time she found her shadow. Her shadow has been her friend ever since and they have had many conversations. :)


It was very sad when she briefly left this spot, came back to the wrong spot and couldn’t find her shadow. :(


Our nature lover.

It was a good Father’s Day. :)





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