Halloween 2015

This costume may always be my favorite. (Although, this year’s is becoming a very close second.)

Amelia Earhart costume, plane and all!!


I had so much fun designing this entire costume.

The jacket was a thrift store find. I took the patch on the right off and sewed on a solid color knit around the bands.


I made the aviator cap, the goggles, pants, a scarf, and boots. (The fabulous boots pattern is from here.)


I was especially particular how I wanted to design the plane. I really wanted to model it after Earhart’s red Lockheed Vega plane.


Boxes, red duct tape, a wagon, red paint, and my little helper.


I used my Cricut Explorer to cut the letters and decals. (I LOVE this  machine. I have many Cricut projects I need to share.)


The propeller was a bit of a challenge. I didn’t take in consideration the need to navigate the wagon with the handle. I had to make several adjustments and ended up making it so the propeller could be taken off if needed.


Our little Lady Lindy

copyright scroll


We went to a Halloween party and Miss Rey won best kids costume. :)



Deciding on a costume for this year was tough after this costume. So, I went through our favorite books……

DSC_5599-Edit copy


I love it. More on this costume coming up next post.



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