Sew or Buy

I might be obsessed with sewing. I’m not new to sewing, but this past year my sewing has certainly reached a new level. So much, the buy or sew struggle is real. By no means do I plan on having a mom made only wardrobe for my daughter, but my trips to Target are greatly decreasing. The shorts below are one Target trip that didn’t happen. I planned on buying my daughter jean shorts to wear with this blouse I made for her. Instead, this happened. Mom made jean shorts. :)


I have been sewing off and on for 20 plus years. If I count home economics in high school, even longer. One of my favorite movies in high school was Pretty in Pink. Partially because of the whole opposite social class love struggle, but mostly because Andie upcycled her prom dress and it was fabulous! I wished to be that good.

I still have and use my first sewing machine I received when I was 20 years old. Many years ago I opened an online children’s clothing boutique. I quickly learned selling handmade clothing was not for me and closed my shop about 2 years later. The time and pressure selling handmade clothing took away the enjoyment. I’ll admit I’m very flattered when friends tell me I should sell what I sew, but I have no desire to do that again. Although, if I ever got offered a job making comic con costumes, I would totally take it. ;)

Here is our extraordinary girl wearing her mom made clothes. This makes me happy.


And then there’s those shoes! A $5 second hand store find. Second hand finds might be another obsession of mine.

The lovely top pattern is The Haven Acres Blouse by Jennuine Design.
The wonderful shorts pattern is Pixie Shorts by Big Little.




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