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I’m giving my blog a new start! The past few months I’ve been trying to add back posts before re-launching my blog and realized, uh….just blog! I felt this need to have my blog filled with past posts as if I had been blogging the past few years. Instead, I’ll just admit defeat. I started this blog back in 2015 and it just didn’t happen. I could list all the reasons why, but instead….I’ll just go right into what is happening now and start new! (I’ve also removed, or temporally removed the past posts since the images are no longer linked, so images are just a white box. When (if) time allows, I’ll find the images and re-upload them.)

So, here’s to a new start with blogging!

When I started this blog, our girl warrior was just a little over a year old. She’s now 4! Time has truly been going much too fast for this momma. My father-in-law always says, “Turn around once or twice, and they’re off to college.” He is so right. Last year Rey was off to pre-school and I couldn’t believe that day came so quickly. She’s now 4 and we have a very excited year a head of us. And by ‘year’, I mean in terms of a school year. This year we have decided not to send her back to school and keep her home. We are homeschooling! We’re really happy we did preschool. It was great for Rey and she loved it. My biggest hesitation with our decision has been the concern that we are taking her away from something she really enjoyed. What she truly enjoyed about school though, was seeing friends. She’d always say on our way to school, “we going to see friends?” Well, I feel very fortunate to say, we have friends! We have also signed her up for some other activities and Forest School that I helped start! (More on that in another post.)

Homeschooling is something I’ve thought about since Rey was born. It however wasn’t something I ever thought we’d actually do. My husband was not at all on board with the idea. A lot has since changed. I’m a true believer, if you put something out there, somehow everything comes into place and this is what I feel has happened with homeschooling. When Rey was only about 2 months old, I met a mom at a fabric store and we started talking. I think we stood in the fabric aisle for at least 45 minutes chatting, if not longer. She happened to be a homeschooling mom. Long story short, she started a homeschool FB group page for our area. I joined and now even help her manage the group page. One of the things I said way back then, was the only way I’d ever truly consider homeschooling is if I had a community of other homeschool parents with kids that were of similar age to our daughter. I need a support system and Rey needs friends to play, learn and grow with. I don’t feel like I aggressively sought this out, but it happened!

Of course, I have moments when I get worried and question if we are doing the right thing. In those moments I just have to remind myself, she’s only four. How bad could it be? And we can always change our mind. My husband has completely come around to the homeschooling idea and has no doubts at all about our choice. I feel like he’s the rock in our decision. We are no doubt going to enjoy the flexibility. We love that we can get up and go at anytime! It’s like summer all year round, but without the scorching hot days.

Seeing all the back to school pictures made me a little sad though. I decided there was no reason why we couldn’t also have going back to school pictures. Deciding to homeschool is after all, a big deal! (At least for us.) 🙂

Product love: I love this felt letter board by Pixlplay. It comes with the letters and a stand. The organized letter bin is genius! I have another larger letter board and I have not wanted to take the time to pull apart all the letters. The saying I put on that board may never change. The letters that come with this board are already separated and organized! It makes wanting to use it far more inviting. I’m already getting a lot of use out of it.

Blog posts coming up:

  • Forest School!
  • Summer Fun
  • Our girl warrior turns 4!

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