Cooking Birthday Party

My wonderful chef husband did a cooking class a few weeks ago for our friend’s daughter’s birthday. It was such a fun evening and I was a proud wife watching my husband teach these young girls how to cook. The birthday girl, future master chef, is truly a remarkable young girl. She was focused, inquisitive and eager to learn.

Grilled lime & cilantro chicken tacos
Black beans
Spanish rice

(I tested the recipe prior and will be posting it in another blog post.)

I put together a packet for each girl that included the menu, the lesson plan and a recipe card for each recipe.


The first thing they learned was how to properly hold and use a knife. (This of course after washing their hands.) Not only is it important to learn how to use a knife, but it’s just as important to have a sharp knife! A dull knife is a safety hazard in the kitchen. A dull knife will not smoothly cut through food making it harder to slice which could cause a sliced finger instead. And food just doesn’t look as pretty sliced with a dull knife.



Making a marinade for the chicken.




Learning about proper sanitation and handling raw meat.


It is always important to wash your hands and anything that comes in contact with raw meat, including the counter tops. A cutting board just for raw meats is also a good idea. I’m a little obsessive about sanitation and even put my dish sponge in the microwave for 2 minutes after washing anything that was used for raw meat.




Enjoying the meal they cooked! I’m a true believer that kids that are a part of the cooking process will have a greater appreciation for a variety of foods.


The meal was delicious!! And a dance party happened afterward. :)

And we bought the birthday girl a pasta machine! So….. a pasta party will be happening soon.

Rey was busy working on her engineering skills.



Mother’s Day

Happy mother’s day to all the brave, strong, loving women. Mothers who have given birth, have lost a child, have lost pregnancy after pregnancy, those that have become a mother through adoption, have fostered one or many, are a mom to four legged fur babies, and all the women that have mothered and nurtured those that needed you. We are all mother’s and I honor all of you today.

I have a mix of emotions on Mother’s Day. This is my second Mother’s Day and it is so very special to me.  Today however, is a hard day for many women. After years of infertility and pregnancy losses, I remember that empty feeling I felt on Mother’s Days. So, I also keep in my thoughts those that are struggling today. I wish I could hug each and every one of you.

– – – – – – –

I appreciate my wonderful loving husband that wants to honor me on this day. To him, it’s a big deal. I love him for that and I will honer him the same on Father’s Day (and everyday). I also appreciate the very special women in my life that are helping me navigate this mom thing. I honestly do not know what I would do without you. And thank you to the extraordinary women that helped raise me.

What did I do for Mother’s Day? Relaxed! My husband asked me what I wanted to do today and my response was, “absolutely nothing.” I came downstairs to cards and a beautiful basil plant. We had my favorite for breakfast, Ebelskivers. I enjoyed a good beer and even fell asleep on the couch. I don’t nap, so that in itself was fabulous. My husband fixed a busted pipe that needed to be fixed, so now we again have water in the backyard and can fill Rey’s toddler pool. He also put together the playground climber I found used. It was a good day for sure. :)

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